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PAN term stands for Permanent Account Number in Income tax Department. Its 10 numeric alphanumeric number considered as PAN and issued in form of laminated card by Income Tax Department of India. If you have lost the PAN card form then you need to Download nsdl pan application form in order to find its lost pan card status. You will also be required to lodge a Lost pan card complaint in a nearby police station of yours location. You need to log on to this website-http://www.tin-nsdl.com/ and here you will be getting option of Apply and Download nsdl pan application form. In order to apply for a new pan card-

  • You need to log on to its official website that is www.tin-nsdl.com.
  • You will be getting an option of Download Nsdl pan application form.
  • You need to Download nsdl pan application form and fill it.
  • You can do the new pan card tracking after 3 days of applying for your pan card.
  • In order to make any correction in your PAN card forms you will be required to fill Nsdl pan application form 49 B but if you are applying for it for the first time then you will be required to Download nsdl pan application form 49 A.
  • Doing Nsdl pan application form free download and applying for it online is always considered a better option.

Some Do’s And Don’ts That You Should Follow While Filling NSDL Pan Form

  • Application should be filed in block letters in Nsdl pan form.
  • Provide signature in box.
  • You don’t have to make corrections or overwrite on it.
  • Photographs should be not be stapled in Nsdl pan form.
  • All information should be mentioned accurately in respective boxes.
  • All these Pan Card guidelines of Nsdl pan form must be followed.

 Important Documents That You Should Have In Order To Apply For A New Pan Card

  • Some of the documents that will be required to submit along with this Nsdl pan application form are- your identity proof and yours address proof and your photograph
  • Instead of you Download nsdl pan application form, you can visit nearby office of your city and fill their Nsdl pan application form and get all Pan Card information.
  • It is one of the most important documents that help you in retaining your identity.
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