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History Of NSDL:

The largest and the first depository, Nsdl, were established in august 1996. The institutions of National Stature, responsible for the economic development of the country, promoted it. A national infrastructure of international standards was established which handles most of the securities settled and held in a dematerialized form in the market of Indian capital. Its other details can be obtained from tin-nsdl website nsdl.com or in tin-nsdl.com.

About NSDL:

National Securities Depositary Limited (Nsdl) or nsdl tin is the first Indian central securities depositary which is based in Mumbai. The Indian institutions of national stature, responsible for development related to economy and which has established a national infrastructure of standards which are international, have promoted it. This handles most of the securities settled and held in the capital market of India. nsdl tin websites provides its other details regarding tin-nsdl through the website tin-nsdl.com or through nsdl.com.

Major Work Areas Of NSDL:

tin-nsdl provides services to the investors and other participants of the capital market like stock exchanges, clearing members, banks and issuers of securities. nsdl tin includes facilities which are basic like dematerialization, account maintenance; settlements of various kinds of trades though transfer in markets and inter-depositary transfers, transmission/nomination and distribution of non-cash corporate actions.

Account Maintenance:

For availing with various kinds of services offered by nsdl tin, a person has to open a depositary account with any of DPs.

The three types of depositary accounts include:

  • Clearing Member account
  • Beneficiary account
  • Intermediary account


This is the process of getting physical certificates converted into electronic balances, of clients provided by tin-nsdl. A person again needs to have an account with a DP, who is intending to dematerialize its securities.

Market Transfers:

Market transfers in tin-nsdl include delivery of securities to or from a clearing member, in the depositary system. In this either target or source, in a transfer instrument is a CM account.

Off-Market Transfers:

The trades which are not settled through the corporation of clearing are referred to as Off-market transfers. Trade-for-trade transactions delivery and the delivery of securities to or from sub-brokers, by definition are Off-market transfers. More information can be obtained from tin-nsdl.com or from nsdl.com.

Contact Details:

The contact details are also provided bynsdl.com or by tin-nsdl.com .

Phone Numbers:

  • 022-2499-4200 (60 lines)
  • 033-2281-4661
  • 033-2281-4662
  • 044-2814-4593
  • 011-2335-3815
  • 011-2335-3817
  • 079-26461376
  • 022-2499-4200
  • 022-2499-4200

Email Addresses:   relations@nsdl.co.in, ncfm@nsdl.co.in, info@nsdl.co.in

These phone numbers and addresses can be contacted for enquiries regarding nsdl. Other contact details regarding nsdl tin can obtained from the website nsdl.com or from tin-nsdl.com.

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